Designer Handbag

Designer Handbag

Prerequisites: None – some experience would be an advantage

Workshop Overview:

This workshop is going to be a huge amount of fun as you make your own handbag cake, this handbag design is upping the challenge for students by introducing elaborate buckles, cut-outs and an elaborate shape, serious learning outcomes aside, you will be a star with friends and customers if you can make handbag cakes like these, they are a Planet Cakes favorite and customers keep coming back for more.

Learning Outcomes:
• Setting up a 3D shape
• Covering a 3D shape
• Making realistic buckles and handles
• Using edible gold paint
• Creating stitching and seams
• Luggage tag
• Colouring icing
• Covering the board

Included: Refreshments and all equipment & materials
What should I bring: Lunch
Take Home: Handbag Cake

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