Behind every great brand is a great story and Planet Cake is one of those brands, our brand is made up of the many students, staff, celebrities and amazing cakes that have become part of our identity as a business. We have published 5 books that have been translated into seven languages and distributed all around the world, our first book ‘Planet Cake a Guide for Beginners’ has been a best seller since 2009. Our TV show ‘Planet Cake’ has been shown in over 36 countries and is still showing. We have also established one of the most comprehensive cake decorating training curriculums in the world the ‘Basics Series’ which has taught thousands of students including many well known decorators on the circuit today. If you would like to be a Planet Cake Instructor we would very much like to hear from you and assess whether you would like to be part of our story, our success and our team!

Amazing Opportunities available in your Territory


General Information for anyone interested in teaching Planet Cake classes:

Planet Cake Instructors are independent contractors who have a direct relationship with a retail store, either by ownership or full time employment. Planet Cake also offers exclusive geographic licenses for retail stores or schools wishing to secure a geographic region for Planet Cake classes.
  • Instructors are trained by a Planet Cake senior lecturer either in Australia or in their country of origin by arrangement.
  • Schools and retail stores will be assessed on the quality of classrooms and equipment to ensure the ‘Planet Cake Experience’ is maintained for students.
  • All Instructors will need to demonstrate a proficiency in cake decorating and teaching experience.
  • Planet Cake Instructors are not employees of Planet Cake but are trained and are approved by Planet Cake to teach classes from our curriculum.
  • We welcome international speaking instructors, but you must be able to communicate in English even if you are looking to teach only in the language of your choice. The management as well as the Planet Cake support staff only communicate in English.
  • Special Note: regarding "Certification" Planet Cake does provide "endorsement" for Instructors who have taken all our series classes. "Teaching Certification" implies a process for assessing and enforcing standards of performance. For those wishing certification we will be regularly conducting performance assessments to make sure you are best representing the Planet Cake School curriculum and brand and that student results are at the highest standard.
If you are interested in teaching Planet Cake classes at your retail store or school please complete the ‘Contact Us’ section below with as much information as possible. Please note that Australia, New Zealand and Qatar have already been granted exclusive geographic licenses, therefore these regions will not be available for Planet Cake classes.

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