Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

To commence cake production we require full payment based on the agreed quote and all art work and design approved by the client.


Every effort will be made by Planet Cake to fulfil the expectations of the client as understood by the consultant and you will receive an order form to review and approve prior to payment. However due to the subjectivity of the work and the different decorators involved there may be slight variations. There are also structural limitations when using cake as a sculptural medium. As a consequence Planet Cake will need to make certain decisions during the process of manufacture that may affect the style of decoration, proportion or structure of the cake.


Cancellation thirty (30) business days or more prior to the scheduled cake delivery date and your full payment will be refunded minus an administration fee of $100. If your cancellation is within thirty (30) business days of your scheduled cake delivery date there is no payment refund.

Refund Policy

A refund for any issues other than cancellations as well as any other complaint not covered by the ‘Fair Trading Act 1987 No. 68’ will be subject to our customer service policy with remedies at the discretion of management.

Extra Charges

Designs/Changes: All clients are entitled to a design as part of our sales offering, post payment you are entitled to one set of changes and a final design without incurring further charges. However any additional design changes thereafter will incur additional charges of $50.

Reference Materials

Planet Cake will make every effort to care for and return reference materials provided by the client in order to facilitate cake decoration and design. However Planet Cake will not accept financial liability for the materials in cases of loss or damage (unless covered by our existing insurance policy).


Every measure is taken by our Artists to ensure that your figurines are made to the highest standard; however they are made from icing and Styrofoam and as a result are very fragile. We are happy to provide care instructions for your figurines and if cared for properly they will last for years; however we do not accept any liability for your figurines once they have been removed from the cake we do not operate a figurine hospital due to the huge number of figurines we make (photo evidence required when figurines break whilst on the cake).


GST is applicable on all quoted prices and will be clearly itemised on your quote and invoice.