Couture Cakes

At Planet Cake, you either have the option of choosing directly from our online cake store or if you want something uniquely yours, we offer an exclusive couture design service where we will create a custom cake design especially for you. Planet Cake has created over 12000 couture cakes, including cakes for A-list celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, John Travolta and Lady Gaga to name a few, as well as for television and many magazines. We are currently taking limited orders, to enquire about a Couture Cake design please contact us at

Please visit our gallery to view some of our amazing creations.


Planet Cake have built up a well-deserved, world-renowned reputation for couture cakes. This sterling reputation has been built up due to the top quality custom cakes, designer cakes, wedding cakes, custom birthday cakes and designer birthday cakes that proliferate social media and continue to amaze our fans and clients alike. Planet Cake has also gained a celebrity following which has only increased the demand for our exceptional couture cakes and forced Planet Cake International to expand our operation beyond our Doha, Qatar and Sydney, Australia locations to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Whatever occasion you are looking for a custom cake, Planet Cake are guaranteed to be able to produce something that will exceed your wildest expectations and impress everybody that sees the couture cakes that we have made for you. Whether for corporate events or for intimate gatherings, we tailor our cakes to the needs of our customers. Of course we offer advice on what looks good because this is our field of expertise, but we are here to serve you and adapt our advice depending on our customers’ wishes.

Our Designer Custom Cakes will Impress Everyone

Our couture cakes have a reputation in the world of custom cakes for being outstanding, but what is it about our designer cakes that makes the difference? Well, it’s the small details that really stand out when it comes to designing cakes. Each of our cakes is truly unique, tailored to suit the wishes of our clients; even the fussiest leave impressed.

Our figurines, sugar flowers, lace piping and hand painting are the little details that make the biggest difference. Delicious taste is just the cost of entry to our industry, but putting the time into making a work of art is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and we live and die by our reputation so we make sure that every cake we make represents us beyond our kitchen. With social media these days, everyone is going to see our cakes, and we want our new customers to ask where your delicious masterpieces were crafted.

Our couture cakes are celebrity-endorsed

We make cakes of all types, from novelty cakes, christening cakes, celebrity cakes or custom wedding cakes and our decorated cakes are seen at prestigious events all across Sydney, with sales for our divine custom cakes going through the roof at the moment. So, whatever you need when it comes to couture cakes, think of Planet Cake – our custom cakes are endorsed by celebrities and everybody who ever ordered one.

Each of our designer cakes is a little labour of love, and our wedding cakes are particularly lavish. Whether custom birthday cakes or designer birthday cakes, get in touch with us for a free consultation and let us startle you with a tailor made to order cake just the way you want it. Think couture cakes; think Planet Cake.