Team Building Exercises

The Cupcake Challenge event is amazing fun for parties, team building and charity fundraising. This fast paced and exciting cake event is incredibly effective because of its simplicity, essentially it gets your guests to compete Masterchef style to see who can decorate the best and most amount of cupcakes in 2 hours. This event requires a minimum of 10 people, 5 people in each team. It’s an activity that’s perfect for all skill levels, the teams that succeed are those that can organize a production line and prioritize their time and resources to decorate the most amount of cupcakes, at least 15-20 per person. We have seen first hand the flexibility of this activity, you can introduce company logo colors, support a local charity, introduce values and messages or tailor the event and cupcake designs anyway you wish. However no matter who wins, everyone enjoys eating the results the wonderful feeling that comes from donating the cupcakes to a local charity should you wish! This experience is available for group sizes between 10 to 100 people on request.

What’s Included?

• 2 hour event (demo, prep, event, prizes)
• Aprons & Chefs Hats
• Professional Planet Cake Instructor & Presenter
• Supply & delivery of all materials and equipment
• Set up of your venue*
• Clean-up
• Copies of recipes & instructions
• Planet Cake prizes for ‘most creative’ ‘most professional’ and competition winner.
• A large time clock to ‘count down’ the time for competitions
• A display cupcake tally board
• Planet Cake can introduce specific colors by using different color pastes and redesign our cupcakes to match your event theme.
• Planet Cake can help with organizing a charity to donate your cupcakes to, such as a women’s refuge, food charity or local hospital.
• Photography Package (Additional Charge)
• Refreshments Package (Additional Charge)

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