Quick Start – Round & Square

Our Quick Start Accelerate workshop is a one day class where you will learn all the secrets that will enable you to make perfect round and square fondant covered cakes. You will be setting up, covering and decorating both a round dummy cake and square chocolate cake in one day! This workshop is for fast beginners or those who feel a bit rusty and want to refresh their decorating skills. You will be amazed at how much you will learn in just one day and the round and square cakes you decorate will really impress your friends and family and may even start you on the road to setting up your own cake decorating business. Quick Start Accelerate is an abbreviated version of our Basics 101 & Basics 102 workshops and is designed as an express class (it is fast paced with a focus on set up not decoration). The most important learning outcomes of setting up and covering a square and learning how to cover a dummy cake will be taught in this workshop; however the cake decoration will be simplified in order for the student to complete the learning outcomes of setting up and covering a round as quickly as possible. By the end of the workshop, students can expect to have learned the basics of setting up a round & square cake with ganache, coloring and working with fondant, icing a cake board and simple cake decoration. On finishing Quick Start Accelerate you will be qualified to attend Basics 103. For those students not wanting a fast paced class we recommend Basics 101 and 102

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Outcomes:

• Cut a cake into 3 even layers
• Ganache your Square cake
• Cover a cake board with fondant
• Cover your cakes with fondant, smooth and achieve sharp edges
• Cover a styro round dummy cake
• Colour your fondant using paste colours
• Create a gorgeous fondant bow
• Cut out decorations

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