Novelty Foundation Week

The Novelty foundation course as the name implies is designed to teach you the basic skills required to begin a novelty cake decorating career either professionally or as a hobbyist. Novelty 101,102 and 103 will be taught during the week as these workshops are designed to give you the skills to set up and cover a 2D Shape, Standing Novelty Cake and a Sphere, these are the essential decorating techniques needed to be able to tackle most novelty designs (e.g: 2D cartoon shapes, soccer balls etc) and the first 3 cake shapes to master in the Novelty series. In addition to these workshops you will be immersed in the Planet Cake kitchen for an entire week, learning along fellow decorators and being able to re-enforce learning outcomes from the previous day, hopefully having a greater chance of retaining the knowledge learned. In addition to the Novelty 101, 102 and 103 learning outcomes you will enjoy a DAY OF BREAK-OUT HANDS-ON TUTORIALS, including airbrushing, painting, and figurine making and working with Rice Krispies (valued at $780).

Prerequisites: None

Learning Outcomes:

• Introduction to materials and equipment
• Set up a 2D Shape, Standing Shape and sphere cake with ganache
• Colouring icing
• Cover a 2D, Standing and Sphere cake with fondant icing
• Ice a board
• Create cut out decorations
• Create wired decorations
• Stripes
• Faces
• Glitter
• Using Templates
• Working with Styrofoam
• Piping
• Glazing
• Using centre pole
• Using Royal Icing
• Airbrushing
• Hands-on Tutorial 1: Airbrushing
• Hands-on Tutorial 2: Making & Using Rice Krispies
• Hands-on Tutorial 3:Figurine Modelling
• Hands-on Tutorial 4:Painting

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