Novelty 104 – Kimmie Doll

This is the fourth workshop in our updated, 10 module Novelty Series program, and takes students from beginners to an intermediate skill level. This brand-new two day workshop teaches students to create a standing figure entirely out of cake. In this workshop you will learn the techniques required to structure, sculpt, smooth and cover a 3D standing cake which is top-heavy, with a focus on working with ganache and fondant. On completing this workshop you will be able to create various “standing” figure designs in cake; this is a very important skill for every keen cake decorator as 3D figure cakes like this are extremely popular. Planet Cake’s goal is to teach students skills and designs that they can replicate at home with the same results.

Prerequisites: Novelty 102 or 103

Learning Outcomes:

• Set up board and centre pole
• Construction of a top-heavy 3D shape
• Carving of a complex 3D shape
• Set up extended tiers
• Cover extended 3D shape
• Disguise seams
• Hand painting features
• Creating templates
• Creating additional details and decorations

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