What is the Basics series?

The Basics series is a cake decorating learning program made up of ten classes varying from a one day class to a week long class. The theory behind the curriculum is that the best way to learn how to decorate cakes is by mastering classic shapes. Starting with the easiest, the round, you progress through increasingly complex cakes until ultimately graduating with the topsy-turvy shape. If a student completes all 10 workshops they will have been taught every classic shape and combination (with exception of the hexagon). We believe this is the most thorough cake training program of its type offered in the world. This is the curriculum we encourage most cake decorators to start with and is the essential program for anyone wishing to start their own cake decorating business.

What is the Novelty series?

The Novelty series is a cake learning program made up of ten classes with a focus on Novelty cakes, also called party cakes. The theory behind this curriculum is that by learning different internal cake structures (architecture) you will be able to create whatever Novelty cake you wish. You start with a simple 2D novelty shape (a “Face”) and then progress through increasingly challenging decorating techniques and internal structures, including armature cakes and moving cakes until graduating with Novelty Masters.

What is the Specialty Series?

In addition to our two core education curriculums we offer workshops in additional cake decorating techniques such as sugar flowers, figurine modeling, cupcakes and themed cakes such as our Christmas cake workshops. These workshops are designed for you to dip in and out of or just to do for fun however all of these workshops are taught at the same standard and with the same professionalism as our core curriculum and act as complimentary workshops to our two core education steams

Do you offer week long classes?

We certainly do, we offer the Basics Series and the Novelty Series as weeklong intensive classes, called Foundation, Intermediate or Masters week. These week long intensive classes are perfect for people travelling for classes or for those students who prefer intensive learning. Please see course guides for further information.

The PC class I want to do is not offered by my school?

Please contact your school and request the class, it may not be listed as yet but may be listed later in the calendar, by registering your interest your school will acknowledge the demand for this particular class and may put you on a waiting list.

Do you offer Private or Team Building classes?

We do offer private classes by arrangement with your school, you will need to read the information on our website under specialty classes and contact your school directly with photos of the cakes or skills you would like to learn, to discuss dates available and pricing,

I need to cancel/change my class what do I do?

Your class terms and conditions are subject to the terms and conditions of our education partners; please contact them directly soon as you realize you will need to make changes to your booking.

I want to start my own cake decorating business, which is the best class for me?

All of our classes are designed for commercial cake decorators, this takes into account timing/speed, food and health safety issues as well as classes for commercially popular cakes. We have the expertise to do this as we have been a commercial cake business since 1996 and have a wealth of invaluable commercial experience and success.

The Basics series has been designed as the series for all commercial cake decorators, all of the techniques and cakes taught will provide the foundation for virtually all the knowledge you will require to make christening, wedding and birthday cakes. Many students who have attended the basics series have gone on to become very successful business owners and Planet Cake puts all of its own decorators through the series to train them. It is second to none in terms of comprehensive learning.

What should I bring/wear to class?

There is no need to bring anything to your cake class, all of the cakes, materials and equipment will be provided for you. Make sure to wear some comfortable clothing and be prepared in winter it may be quite cool in the classroom. Wear closed in foot wear, remove jewelry and tie your hair back. You may want to bring a pencil and paper to take notes and a camera to photograph you final creation!

What can I expect in a Planet Cake class?

As a top priority every Planet Cake workshop should be fun and enjoyable, encouraging students no matter what their skill base is one of our primary objectives. We keep our classes as small as possible and for the larger classes we provide a facilitator to assist the teacher in making sure that all students receive as much attention as required. We provide students with a comprehensive set of notes for you to keep and all equipment and materials are provided. We want our workshops to be as enjoyable as possible, therefore there will be no requirement for you to purchase any equipment or bake your own cake, however most of our education partners will provide the option of purchasing
Retail equipment after your class should you wish to.

What if I want to skip some classes in the series?

In cake decorating it is very tempting to just pick a cake you like and then do a class, however we have found that although students find these classes very enjoyable they can sometimes attend a class which is too fast or too difficult for their skill base, the classes are designed as building blocks, if you miss one then you will struggle in the next class which is taught on the assumption that you have attended all the previous workshops in the series. Therefore we would strongly discourage skipping classes.

I already have attended other schools which series class should I do?

If you already have cake decorating experience then as a general rule we do require you to have worked with ganache and fondant icing before you attend. We recommend that you should be able to achieve Planet Cake’s famous sharp edges and be able to work quickly. If you are attending more advanced PC classes the rest of the students will already have been learnt these skills and you may feel rushed and pressured.

Please email us at info@planetcake.com.au for further information and if you want to send us a few photos of your cakes and we can give you some feedback as to what classes we think you would really enjoy and benefit you.

Will I get a certificate?

A Planet Cake certificate of completion is provided for each class. If you complete all ten modules in the Basics or Novelty series then you will be provided with a Planet Cake Masters certificate and receive a Planet Cake ‘trained’ logo to be placed on your website and any other social media or marketing material. Please email our head office directly to receive your logo badge info@planetcake.com.au.

Can I make changes to the course cake flavor or design?

For students attending 101 – 104 classes you may be able to change the colours of your cake design depending on what icing is available (boy/girl), however given that a number of students need to be taught at the same time and to keep the class on track, cake changes are not possible.

For students doing the basics or novelty series past 104 workshops students are encouraged to design their own cakes, this is part of your training however flavours and cake shapes will remain standard. Please email our school for any questions you might have.

How do I know that my teacher is qualified?

All Planet Cake teachers must be trained and accredited by Planet Cake to teach, this means not only advanced skills in decorating but also an assessment as to how good their teaching ability is, Planet Cake issues an accreditation certificate to all Planet Cake teachers that details classes they are accredited to teach, this certificate should be in full view, if it is not you may request to see it.

Is Planet Cake a government accredited school?

We are not government accredited as this would require a different accreditation in each country; however we are recognized by industry leaders and employers as a world leader in cake decorating education. We are often contacted by employers looking for Planet Cake ‘Masters’ graduates (10 modules) to hire.

What if I want to learn baking & how to make ganache?

Planet Cake does not operate baking classes as our school focus is on cake decorating, however your teacher will be happy to recommend video’s, books and give advice.

Can you provide me with recipes?

All of the recipes we recommend are provided in our books with our most popular recipes in Cake Decorating a Guide for Beginners

Does my loyalty discount still apply (pre-2015)?

All of the new prices for classes are significantly less than what PC previously charged, in order to sustain the cheaper price points we will no longer be offering the Early Bird and Loyalty discounts, however you won’t need them as most classes are at least 30% cheaper. A great example is the Intensive Foundation Week used to retail for $1880 and is now $1295, you have to love that!

Can I buy a gift voucher?

We currently do not have the capability of offering gift vouchers, however our education partners may be able to provide you with one, contact them directly.

I would like to become a Planet Cake teacher/education partner how do I apply?

We are always delighted to interview potential partners and teachers around the world.

Please read the licensing information provided on our website and/or contact Ahmad Abdelrahman ahmad@planetcake.com.au

What is the history of the Planet Cake School?

Paris Cutler started Planet Cake workshops in 2004 as she found it increasingly difficult to find skilled cake decorators to employ. After all of the first workshops were sold out she concluded that there was a big demand for cake decorating classes (previously a very old fashioned past time) and there was no cake decorating program on offer in Australia. In 2006 Planet Cake opened the first dedicated cake decorating school in Australia and in 2007 the Basics Series curriculum was created.

What is the philosophy of the Planet Cake teaching program?

“To decorate the perfect cake the base cake must be flawless. To create a flawless base you must learn to set up and cover your cakes correctly with ganache and rolled fondant icing. The best way to develop your skills in creating the perfect base is by mastering different shapes.”