Basics 110 Masters – Topsy Turvy

The intensive Master Class is the final in the Basics series and designed with the teacher, caterer, chef and semi-professional decorator in mind. The four day workshop focuses on student independence, with one day devoted entirely to design. In addition, students will learn to set up and cover a three tier Topsy Turvy, carve Styrofoam use in-between boards, work with a center pole and create flowers or figurines, dependent on design. The Topsy Turvy Master Class is the ultimate finishing school for the student who wishes to perfect their skill base and elevate their decorating to a commercial level.

Prerequisites: Basics 107 (Advanced Students Only)

Duration: 3 Days

Learning Outcomes:

• Setting up three tier Topsy Turvy (styro only)
• Covering three tier Topsy Turvy
• Assembling Topsy Turvy
• Decorating as per your design
• Colour choice and placement
• Making and covering seams

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