Basics Masters Intensive Week

The week long Masters workshop is designed to follow on directly from the Basics Intermediate or Basics 106 as an abbreviated version of the series (107 & 108 are skipped). In the same format as the Basics Foundation, the small group (workshops are limited to a maximum of eight students) provides students with the opportunity to work alongside other decorators in an intimate setting, fully immersed in the Planet Cake class room. After completing the intermediate series, students will now learn the Masters skills required for the three tier madhatter cake (abbreviated no stripes) and the popular Topsy Turvy cake which you will design yourself.

Prerequisites: Basics 106 or Intermediate Week

Duration: 5 Day

Learning Outcomes:

• Setting up a three tiered madhatter
• Covering a three madhatter
• Making and setting up a centre pole
• Standing Decorations
• Ruffles
• Quilting
• Designing topsy turvy
• Setting up topsy turvy
• Covering topsy turvy
• Carving styrofoam
• Using in-between boards
• Setting up with centre pole
• Making sugar flowers according to design
• Piping (dependent on design)
• Decorations according to design

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