Basics 108 – Tapered Square

The newest addition to the basics series allows students to employ each of the skills learned from Basics 101 through to 107, to create the challenging Tapered Sphere and Square Cake. The three day workshop allows students to design the cake through choice of colour scheme and theme. Skills learned can include flower making, piping or painting, dependent on design. Basics 108 also introduces Styrofoam tiers and making sphere pillars.

Prerequisite: Basics 107

Duration: 3 days

Learning Outcomes:

• Setting up a 3 tier tapered cake
• Covering a 3 tier tapered cake
• Creating and assembling pillars
• Measuring and drilling boards
• Making decorations (dependent on design)
• Covering complex seams
• Design and colours
• Piping (Dependent on design)

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