Basics 107 – Vase

Basics 107 is the seventh workshop in the Basics series. After completing Basics 101 to 106 it is time for you to employ all the different skills you have learnt and create one of the most unusual and beautiful wedding cakes on the market the square vase which introduces you to assembling cakes with inverted tiers. You will be will be influencing the design, cutting and covering and assembling a tier inverted vase with a 5 inch bottom and 9 inch top. As an advanced student you will also be influencing the design of the cake. You will be using your extended tiers and tiered cake covering and assembly experience. You will be making sugar flowers and decorating your vase by placing flowers, strips covering seams and icing the board. This cake is a great addition to your cake decorating repertoire and a satisfying challenge for advanced decorators.

Prerequisite: Basics 106

Learning Outcomes:

• Setting up a 3 tier inverted cake
• Covering a 3 tier inverted cake
• Creating a square angle top
• Making sugar flowers
• Covering complex seams
• Design and colours
• Piping

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