Basics 103 – 2 Tier Extended

This is the third workshop in our Basics Series program and introduces students to the extended tiered cake, through one of Planet Cake’s most popular wedding designs; the flower ruffle cake. The two-tiered cake is an essential skill for all decorators, from hobbyists to professionals, and is the final of the beginner workshops in the series. Additional techniques students can expect to learn include: setting up a tiered cake, mastering sharp edges, covering fondant seams, creating the ‘flower design’ ruffle, wired peony sugar flower and making and covering an extended bottom tier. Planet Cake’s goal is to teach students skills and designs that they can replicate at home with the same results. All classes are taught by qualified teachers.

Duration: 2 Day

Prerequisites: Basics 102

Learning Outcomes:

• Setting up extended tier (5.5 inches high) cake with ganache
• Covering a tiered cake
• Covering a top dummy tier
• Mastering sharp edges
• Covering seams
• Using boards for a tiered cake
• Making wired sugar peony
• Flower ruffles
• Cover board

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