Basic Series

The Planet Cake School was launched in 2004 and now has the impressive title of being Australia’s largest cake decorating school. We teach in 8 locations in Australia and we also run classes in Doha, Qatar. We have a unique curriculum which is continually updated and improved upon and our education program has trained over 6000 students as well as educating many cake decorators who now operate their own businesses and have become well known in their own right. Spending time in our cake decorating classes and tutorials is an experience that you will not forget in a hurry, as you acquire fun, engaging, and life-long skills that you will be able to use to impress everyone you meet.

Basics 101 – Exploding Lollies

Basics 102 – Tiffany Box Cake

Basics 103 – 2 Tier Extended

Basics 104 – Three Tier

Basics 105 – 2 Tier Double Height

Basics 106 – Springtime

Basics 107 – Vase

Basics 108 – Tapered Square

Basics 109 – Madhatter

Basics 110 Masters – Topsy Turvy

Basics Foundation Intensive Week

Basics Intermediate Intensive Week